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From the employer to the employee level.

At CBA we take service seriously. That is why we pride ourselves on the services we offer our clients AND their employees.

Employee Education

We believe employee education is essential. The more informed an employee is about the in's and out's of their companies benefit's plan the better they utilize it. We hold education meetings for employees throughout a client's policy year as well as meet with newly hired employees to explain the benefits to them. 

Benefits Admin System

All of our clients have access to a state of the art online, benefits administration and employee management system. 

Health Advocacy

We prefer employees call our team of experts when they have an issue with their benefits plan instead of going to their employer or calling the insurance carrier directly. We want to be that "live" voice and that advocate for them when they need help. 

Onboarding & Offboarding

We know that the person responsible for bringing on new employees for their organization typically wears alot of hats. By assisting in the addition and removal of employees from the benefits plan we hope to help alleviate stress.

ACA Reporting

We have a team here at CBA that helps clients with the reporting requirements associated with Healthcare Reform. 

Regulatory Compliance

It is our responsibility to help make sure our clients stay complaint with the current regulations and the ones yet to be introduced with Healthcare Reform. We have the resources to assist our clients with doing just that. 

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